A Karate Program

Customized For Your School

  • days
  • times
  • location
  • duration
  • class size
  • during or after school
  • uniforms
  • talent shows
  • performances

and much more…


Benefits to children  Besides the obvious physical advantages, karate offers a myriad of valuable lessons that can encourage healthy social interaction and positive behaviors essential to children’s development. The Karatedo Shinyokai was founded on the basic principles of sincerity, respect and discipline, but it also offers its students other important lessons on self-improvement, dedication, and kindness to others.

Benefits to education Lessons learned in karate class parallel all areas of learning. A karate program is the perfect complement to your school’s goals of educating students and providing a strong foundation for future growth.

Benefits to the community  As one can imagine, in karate class, interaction with others extends far beyond simply defending oneself. Respecting, helping, and encouraging others are just some of the key tenets of the Shinyokai’s philosophy.

Benefits to parents  Karate classes reinforce the lessons and behaviors instilled at home. At the same time, studying karate provides a strong foundation allowing parents to remind their children about respect, focus, and good behavior.

Karatedo Shinyokai currently conducts during-school and after-school karate programs at the following locations:
American International Montessori
MLK Jr Middle School
Prospect Sierra
Harding Elementary
Peralta Elementary
LePort Montessori
Acorn Woodland Elementary
Please Contact Us to discuss a customized karate program right at your school!

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