Okinawa 2020
Black Belt Trip, 6/27-7/4

The cost of this trip is very dependent on:

1 – HOW MANY black belts participate.  This will determine what size house we rent, what size car, maybe rent 2 cars, etc.

2 – The exact airfare tickets we purchase.  There is no direct flight to Okinawa from SFO.  Connecting through Tokyo is quick but expensive.  So its common to add a few hours to the overall trip if we connect through China for example.  We have other restrictions like hoping to leave on a Friday night and arrive Sunday morning, unless that timing is just too expensive.

Once these are known, all the other expenses will fall into place.  However, we need to already book the airfare and housing, for what could be 4 to 8 people.

Would you be so kind to submit your first installment of $2,000 and provide a copy of your child’s passport.  This way I can confirm WHO is participating, purchase airfare, and reserve housing.

If you have questions, of course email or speak to me in person. Okinawa is my home, i’ve been there almost a dozen times, have many friends and contacts there, and am happy to share it with other people.

Okinawa Trip Installment

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