Japan Trip 2020

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Black Belt Trip

Stay in a large apartment with laundry and kitchen
located in Southern Okinawa, near the airport, major cities, beaches and dojos

Getting Around
Rental car
Okinawa’s one and only train line called “Yui”

Junior Black Belts
Chaperone: Yoshimi

June/July usually has VERY nice weather so that we can enjoy getting around and being outdoors.
There is always a chance of rain and en exciting chance of typhoon.
But in general it should be beautiful, sunny weather.

Yoshida Dojo
Super Friendly, Engaging Teacher
(Yoshimi and Isaac in front row!)

Ridiculously delicious food

Fish market and huge “shopping arcade”.  A favorite for food, shopping and down time.

Conveyor belt sushi.  Always fun!

Historical sites.

Okinawa main karate hall.

Refreshing shaved ice on a hot day after training.

6/27-7/4, 2020

(Approx dates. +- 1 day)
Sandwiched in between summer camp weeks, we will hopefully depart Friday night and return on the next Saturday.  Jetlag is usually worse returning to California.  If we leave Friday night, we will likely land on that Sunday.  Then when we return, we will likely leave on that Saturday and also return on the same day, maybe even an hour behind!  This will give us 5 days in Okinawa.

We will have wifi in the apartment as well as “pocket wifi” for on-the-go.
So we will have internet access approx 80% of the time
since some parts of Okinawa are modern and others parts less so.
We can share photos, videos and have live video calls (if wifi bandwidth allows it).

Everyone should recognize that they are representing Sensei, our dojo, and even our state and country.  Everyone should demonstrate their best behavior 24/7.  Children will be encouraged to be self-sufficient (with supervision of course), including but not limited to ordering and paying for food, counting Yen, folding laundry, setting and clearing dinner tables, etc.

Karate Training
Since we are a karate dojo, everyone can expect to train every single day.  We will do laundry diligently and the kids will make international friends!

Caves & Theme Park
Glass Blowing, Shiisa pottery DIY, pottery painting

Incredible caves.  Be nice to bats!

Traditional performances specific to Okinawa

Beautiful beaches.

An actual karate museum!  With its own movie theater!

THIS was super tough for me!  Highly recommend!






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