(updated 4/10/21)

Online & in-person classes have already begun.

Adult Karate, Adult Kickboxing, Teen & Kids classes are being conducted successfully and ongoing.  New students welcome.

Don’t hesitate to start your martial arts journey these days.  Others are!

Safety is a priority!  Mark Sensei and many students are fully vaccinated.

(meeting ID 419332369)

Safety protocols for in-person training:
Masks on
No contact (yet)
8-12′ distance
Frequent hand washing
Clean your feet at the dojo

A mask you use for aerobic activity might be different than your “daily” mask.  Find one you like.  Bring several to try if you like.  The paper-kind might not be the best for a workout.  Washable cloth masks might be best.
You can take a break and stick your head outside whenever you like.

Please maintain good hygiene and covid protocols even outside the dojo.
The dojo already has more curtains and less door knobs than other establishments.
Plenty of wipes and cleaning supplies are available.
Touchless soap and paper towel dispensers have been installed.


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