Zoom & Flipgrid lessons…  streaming classes, Flipgrid challenges…
are all up and running!

(meeting ID 419332369)

Zoom will be used for LIVE STREAMING classes according to the following schedule. The same usual monthly or drop-in rates apply.*

For Zoom classes:
  • Wear your karategi.
  • Have a good size area. ~6’x6′ or greater.
  • Have camera see your ENTIRE body.
  • Make sure room has good lighting.
  • No interruptions please.

* Kickboxing UNLIMITED PASS until 4/30 is $90.

For convenience, all zoom classes will have the same URL. Please only login when it is your specific class time:


Learn the traditional art of


to develop a strong body,

cultivate an immovable mind,

and defend yourself confidently.

Beginners welcome.


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