Pre-teen / Teen – Ages 11-16.  A 1 hour class specifically aimed at older children.  All ranks welcome.  Beginners with no experience are welcome.

Kids – Children must be 7+ years old to train.

Junior Kids – New students.  White belt through Green Stripe.  One hour classes will focus on basics, kata and character development.

Senior Kids – Green Belt and above.  This class contains more complicated techniques and combinations, advanced partner work and more attention to detail.  This class also contains sparring on Sundays only.

Families – There are MANY families enrolled at the dojo.  It is possible for siblings, adults and children to attend the same class, depending on age and rank.

New students can attend a free trial lesson at any time.  However, enrollment is based on a monthly cycle.  New students can begin attending class the first week of every month.

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