Summer Camp

Update 5/24/20
Thank you to many of you that submitted information by the requested deadline.  Some weeks still have less than 12 students, which might be helpful when the SIP rules change.  For now, the registration links have been removed.  You may still email Sensei with any questions or requests.  Refund requests will be initiated soon.  For now, let’s wait and see how the situation changes before camp begins.
It is still likely that the first 2 weeks of camp will be virtual.  Sensei will constantly re-evaluate how much of the first 2 weeks can be done at the park and what the remaining weeks of camp will be like.
Having the right supplies and the right quantity and the right safeguards in place is extremely difficult when we don’t know what camp will look like yet.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Let’s have the best karate camp we can, given the current situation.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  Camp is being re-invented and alot is occurring at the last minute.  We will encounter hiccups as they come and tackle them the best we can.  Thank you for your support and enthusiasm.

We will engage in the usual highlights of karate training, weapons training and will do our best to practice Shodo as well as prepare Sushi and Somen.  One surprising and new activity in the karate world has been the creation of “e-tournaments”.  Students will train kata and be encouraged to compete with other karate students from around the world.  EVERYONE can compete and will be encouraged to participate (but it will not be mandatory).

10 Weeks Offered • Mix’n’Match any weeks • July 3 – No Camp

Your 1st Week: $350 (incl “starter gift box”)
Additional Weeks: $250 (prices do not include e-tournament fees)
Sibling Discount: 50% off AFTER 1st week (current karate students)
* Only current karate students.
** E-tournament fees have been approximately $20 per occurrence

If you already registered:
Aftercare will be refunded
T-shirt and Pants you can select on the next page
Refunds provided for the change in registration price

Dojo Classes:
Summer camp will be the main focus. There will be little or no usual dojo zoom classes.
Summer Camp is June 8 – August 14.
If you register for 5 or more weeks, the pre-camp week in June and the post-camp weeks in August will be free at the dojo!

Sushi Days
Juniors & Seniors, younger students, with some parental help, Wed, 12-1
Teens & Black Belts, older students, with knife skills, Thu, 12-1

Refreshing Somen (座りそうめん)
Boil water and prepare refreshing cold somen on hot days, likely Fridays.

Shodo (書道)
Japanese calligraphy practice on Tuesdays.

A “starter gift box” will be provided, but the following items will need to be purchased:
MORE somen
MORE somen sauce
affordable rice cooker (Amazon ~$30) unless you already own one

Weekly, please check your supplies and purchase new as necessary.

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