camp update 5/23/20

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Camp Update 5/23/20

“We recommend that children be in the same camp (with the same fixed cohort of 12 children or less) for at least four weeks at a time, and not switch camps every week.”

The above is the CURRENT guidelines for operating a camp. At the moment, this does not meet the dojo’s needs. Hopefully these guidelines will change and allow Karate Camp to meet in-person, with more kids, who might change weekly.

There are many ideas and many phases we can go through:
Meet virtually to start camp.
Then consider meeting in-person… small groups… at the park… social distancing… masks… etc.

Its possible that California will move into Phase 3 in June, which means that gyms can open. But the logistics and the fine print are more complicated than that.

Please understand, it is not possible to satisfy every family. Every family has different opinions about the covid situation and different standards for health and hygiene. I am asking for your cooperation and polite communication. We do not know everyone’s personal situation and must be considerate of everyone in the dojo community. Maybe some dojo members don’t have health insurance. Maybe some dojo members can’t afford medical fees. Maybe some dojo members have compromised immune systems.

Please understand, that YOU taking your own child to the park is different than 20 families trusting ME to keep their child safe.

When people say they ask for your support during difficult times… or thank you for your support during difficult times… THIS is that difficult time.

Please support the dojo even if the camp format isn’t ideal for 100 different families.

This is the true meaning of being a part of a DOJO. Within reason, and doing what you feel is safe, please support the dojo. Please remain positive. Please provide helpful input.

Sincerely, thank you for your dedication, support, loyalty, and good communication.

Mark Sensei

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