It can be easy to do pushups to make our bodies stronger. But at the Shinyokai we challenge ourselves physically in order to become stronger mentally. Through sincere training we can forge a stronger body, an immovable mind and an indomitable spirit.


Karatedo Shinyokai certainly teaches the traditional art of Japanese karate, but also that karate consists of much more than punches and kicks. Hence, the use of the character Dō to convey that we teach more than just the physical activity of karate.

Noriko Konomi Beginners

The Karatedo Shinyokai teaches traditional Japanese karate in a welcoming and supportive environment. We offer several classes each week for children (7+) and adults that are rigorous, rewarding and fun.  The Shinyokai also conducts on-site programs at several schools in the Bay Area, directly impacting the future of today’s youth. Whether you are a dedicated martial arts practitioner, or looking to enjoy karate with your family, the Shinyokai is for you!

Shinyokai karate is strongly based on the arts of Shotokan and Goju-ryu, as well as Aikido, Iaido and Shorin-ryu. All areas of the martial arts receive equal attention at the Shinyokai:

● stretching
● self-defense
● basics
kumite (sparring)
● meditation

dou kanji

Beginners are most welcome. In fact, maintaining a beginner’s mind is an important concept for advanced students. You can begin learning karate, get a good workout and start having fun right away in a very safe and welcoming environment.


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